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Bandai Namco teases freaky new horror game to be announced soon

Bandai Namco Domas.jpg

What could Bandai Namco be teasing? Over the weekend, a creepy website launched under the publisher/developer's domain which shows off a rather unsettling image of a house shrouded in the darkness during what looks like an eclipse. I could be wrong but the image looks as if hell has broken through the cracks in the ground, the sky has turned red and there are some mass murders happening all over the planet. 

The image is labelled "domas-SCENE01" and the date is 08.30.2018. There is also a play button but it does not do anything unless it only plays whatever is there when then the date arrives? The site is apparently called "Summer Holiday Project" with the word "Zombie" and "Horror" being part of the site's meta keywords. 

The date on the site no doubt points to a full reveal on 30 August 2018. We know it will include zombies and be a horror game so perhaps Bandai Namco is working on their own Resident Evil-like series. Bandai Namco has not worked on a horror game close to anything teased here in the past so it is not as if we could speculate a sequel in the works. 

If you click on the Twitter or Facebook logo it takes you to your social pages where you can share the site. The word "domas" keeps popping up throughout this so it could possibly be a vital word or name of something in the game itself. 

We will have to wait until the end of the month to find out more about this project but in the meantime shoutout your speculations in the comments section below. 

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