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We may finally play a new TimeSplitters game soon as THQ Nordic acquires rights


TimeSplitters is probably one of the greatest PS2 FPS series of all time. The first title released on PS2 and was a huge hit with its great comical story and FPS gameplay which was a refreshing new experience on consoles back in the day. The sequel did an even better job offering an experience that was somewhat different from the first game but still delivering the series' best mechanics. Best of all, it had a great split-screen competitive feature that we all remember playing. 

The series was released in a trilogy but the wheels fell off at Free Radical Design after the third game and we never saw the series again. Things are about to change as THQ Nordic have picked up the rights to the series which includes the first trilogy and the opportunity to work on a brand-new entry in the series.

While no details have been given yet in regards to what THQ Nordic plans to do with the series, it would be a complete waste to buy a franchise with three games unplayable in the current day and age and no plans to work on a future project. We are sure you can expect something to be cooked up and delivered in the next few years. 

In addition to TimeSplitters, THQ Nordic also obtained rights to horror/stealth game, Second Sight, which was also developed by the same team behind TimeSplitters. Again, no plans have yet been revealed about these two games. 

All we can now hope for is that THQ Nordic revives the series. They can start with TimeSplitters as the world would love a TimeSplitters 4. 

Do you remember these games? Let us know below. 

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