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Quake Champions on console is still an option according to id Software

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Quake Champions just recently released as a free-to-play title after being in Early Access for just over two years. When the game was announced back in 2016, id Software was quite clear that Quake Champions would never release on current consoles due to power constraints in regards to the game being very demanding. 120Hz and an uncapped frame rate are what makes the game so great and current-gen hardware is just not capable of pulling this off. 

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Well, it seems that either id Software is teasing a possible Quake Champions project in the pipeline or are seriously considering it. During a roundtable at QuakeCon 2018, Joshua Boyle, Community Manager was asked whether or not we would ever get a console version of the game. Joshua had this to say:

“Stepping back from id Software, stepping back from Bethesda and onto ZeniMax as a whole – we’ve got an incredible amount of teams all over the world that do specialisation on all the different things,” Boyle said. “It’s not just PC master race, this many frames, it has to perform like this. Mobile, console, all that stuff is definitely never anything that’s out of the question, but we don’t have plans to announce anything anytime soon.” 

Boyle then went on to praise the growth of consoles over the last few years and how their architecture has been getting closer and closer to PC. 

“I do feel like, in the last many, many years, consoles have come so far now,” The fact the Switch is a glorified cellphone that can play Doom 2016 a year and a half after, it’s a great time to be alive. I bought a $2,000 computer two years ago to play that game well and I’m not mad about how it plays on Switch.”

Could this point to a possible Quake Champions release on the next generation of hardware? It would be possible as the next consoles would boast the ability to perform in ways that would allow for a 120Hz refresh rate and much more. If this is the case, id Software may consider working on a console version of the shooter. 

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