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People are complaining about a puddle in Spider-Man and Bioware has the best response


We live in a world with a lot of entitled people. People that think they have the right to complain about literally anything they want. The latest fiasco is a puddle of water in the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man which has the attention of the internet. The first ever demo showcase of Spider-Man featured a puddle of water that looked gorgeous. Reflections shimmered through the water as Spider-Man lurked above his enemy to take him down. In a later video released by Insomniac Games, the puddle looked like it had a downgrade and of course, the entitled internet trolls were not happy about it. 

Spidey on Twitter voiced his concerns over the visual downgrade of the said puddle to Insomniac games saying "what's with the downgrade yet again". Insomniac Games, being the good guys they are responded saying that the change is just in the puddle size there is no downgrade at all. Of course, this is less about the puddle and more about the sad state of gamers in the world that fail to grasp what goes into developing a game and if there was a downgrade, then these things happen. 


This has been an issue in gaming for years now where gamers think what they see is what they get and that is not always the case. A puddle change should not be something you worry about as a game is so much more than that. 

Bioware also thinks the situation is quite funny as during a PAX West panel they made it quite clear that a puddle they featured in a concept art has a 98% chance of changing between now and release. It is a low blow but necessary.

It is a puddle of water people, let's worry about the game mechanics and gameplay. Speaking of, our Spider-Man review ill be going live tomorrow afternoon at 16:00 SA time. Be sure you stay tuned. 

What do you make of all this? Let us know in the comments below. 

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