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We unbox the ultra-rare Marvel's Spider-Man Collector's Edition Press Kit


Spider-Man fever is everywhere right now and if you are not feeling it you should get to the doctor asap. The game is outstanding and my review is clear on that. Insomniac Games truly defied the odds and created a stunning superhero game that you should experience at least once this generation. As Spider-Man fever gets even bigger leading up to its 7 September release date, we have something cool we just had to show you. The awesome Spider-Man press kit.

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Now, we often get these kits and they are pretty cool but this one is very special because it has more than just a simple artbook in it, rather every comic book fan's dream. The press kit is an awesome blue bag with Marvel's Spider-Man branding all over the show, and inside we found some other cool goodies like a glass USB, an ultra-rare comic book with only 1000 of them in the world, a map to New York City, a boss fight poster and much more. In Marvel's Spider-Man you can collect these same bags scattered around New York City and they all hold various items so this press kit stays true to the game's features. 

If anything, this bag feels like Peter Parker himself delivered it to our door and inside holds all his secrets and discoveries on his latest adventure in the PS4 game. No, really. Much of the documents we found in the bag relate to things you find in the game such as the shady Devil's Breath poster. Check out the full unboxing of this cool bag below:

If you have not seen or read our Marvel's Spider-Man review then check out our full video review below:

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