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These Marvel's Spider-Man glitches are the best things you will see all day

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Spider-Man is a fantastic game and without a doubt a game of the year contender but that does not mean it is without its faults. Being an open world game, you are bound to see things that will leave you shocked and the latest compilation of glitches are too funny to pass up. While I did not experience this during my review time with the game, users are reporting and showing off a pretty funny facial and animation glitch that appears in the game during cutscenes. 

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The glitch sees all the character models freeze in position and while their dialogue is playing out, their bodies move in a strange way. Some even had their hair part off their head. The funniest of all has to be Martin Li's facial expression that looks like he is trying to pass gas. It is all too funny, to be honest, and sure, you can complain that these bugs are from poor development but that is not the case. According to the videos they are extremely rare and if you do find one best you just restart your game and load up again to avoid the cutscene being ruined by these bugs. Of course, you could always watch it first and have a good chuckle. 

Check out the compilation of glitches in the video below and head to Reddit for more. Let us know if you have experienced any so far? Also, if you missed it, Sony threw a bus into a lake over on the weekend to celebrate the game's launch.

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