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All the amazing Marvel's Spider-Man suits and where they originate from in the comic book series

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Marvel’s Spider-Man kicks off in a time where Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for quite some time so it is most definitely not an origin story. However, many of the suits you find throughout the game have their own origin stories.

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As you progress throughout the campaign, you will unlock a variety amazing suits from the comic books and even some films, so we decided to share all these amazing suits with you and explain where they come from. Some suits in the game have not appeared in comic books and seem to be specifically created for Spidey’s latest outing on the PS4. Check them all out below and please note, the final suit you unlock in the game is not included due to major spoilers.

Classic Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #38 (1966)

If you haven’t seen this suit before, you probably didn’t know who Spider-Man is either. It is the iconic Spider-Man suit but not the first ever one, which I will get to a bit later. The classic suit first appeared nearly four years after Spidey’s comic book debut and was created by John Romita Sr. In the game, there is both a damaged and repaired version of the suit which you can swing through New York with for nostalgia’s sake.

1Classic Suit.jpg

Advanced Suit

First Appearance: Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4

In every trailer and gameplay video ahead of the game’s release, we saw this awesome suit in action. There isn’t much to say about this beauty, as it was created by Insomniac Games specifically for Spidey’s outing on the PS4. It looks gorgeous though, which led me to play the game with this suit on for several hours at a time. The suit unlocks your first ability called Battle Focus, which builds up focus fast so you can heal or perform some takedown moves.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180907150444.jpg

Noir Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Spider-Man Noir #1 - 2009

The Noir Suit comes from a dark and grim comic book line where Spider-Man lives in 1933 during the Great Depression. Sure, Spidey has all his signature powers, but in this comic book series he also uses guns and has no issue killing criminals instead of leaving them webbed up at times. In the game, this suit unlocks the Sound of Silence ability, stopping enemies from calling for backup.

Noir Suit.jpg

Scarlet Spider Suit

Comic Book First Appearance:  Web of Spider-Man #118 - 1994

So, this isn’t exactly Spidey’s Suit in the comics, but instead that of a clone Ben Reilly which appeared in a rather complicated story arc called the Clone Saga. It’s a great nod to Spider-Man comic book fans out there, with the suit’s ability in the game causing clones to spawn and help you out of sticky situations when activated.

Scarlet Spider.jpg

Homemade Suit

First Appearance Spider-Man: Homecoming film in 2017

This is a bit of a spoiler for last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, but if you are a Spidey fan and haven’t watched the film yet, then what’s wrong with you? This suit was made by Spidey after his cool new suit was taken away by Tony Stark in the film. It has no powers in-game, except for looking awesome.

Homemade suit.jpg

Negative Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Spider-Man #90 - 1962

The Negative Suit was first seen when Spider-Man travelled to the Negative Zone to save some people and is also called Dusk. However, there are some differences between this suit and in the comic books, as the one in the game basically shows what Spider-Man would look like if he was fully affected by Martin Li, aka Mr. Negative. In the game, this suit unlocks a Negative Shockwave ability, which sends out a powerful shockwave of energy to damage and knock down enemies.

Negative Suit.jpg

Spider-Punk Suit

Comic Book First Appearance:  Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10 - 2014

The power of rock is strong with this suit and first appeared in an alternate universe story arc which sees Hobie Brown as Spider-Man, who leads a revolution of Spider-Men against President Osborn in the 616 Universe. In the game, you get a Rock Out power with the suit, that sends sound waves out to knock down your foes.  


Secret War Suit

Comic Book First Appearance:  Secret War #5 - 2004

At first glance, you might think that this is the suit from the comic book series Secret Wars, but just take away that “s” and you have the real origin of the Secret War suit in the game. This suit comes from a five-part comic book series involving Victor von Doom as the antagonist and since 2004, this suit has never appeared again until Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. In the game, you get the Arms Race ability which sends out a shockwave, disabling enemy weapons for a short period of time.

Secret war.jpg

Dark Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Spider-Man/Deadpool #8 - 2016

It’s quite the mission to get this suit and at the moment, it doesn’t give you an ability. You will have to complete the Black Cat tasks to unlock this suit and it will tie in to the upcoming DLC “The City that Never Sleeps”. In the comics, Deadpool killed Spider-Man and then pulled him out of Purgatory a bit later, but before that, Spider-Man meets Mephisto, which is where this suit comes from, although it doesn’t look 100% the same in game.

Dark SUit.jpg

Spirit Spider Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 – 2011

This is probably the most out-there suit in the game and it looks awesome to play with. In the comics, it is called the Ghost Spider suit, akin to Ghost Rider in the alternate universe on Earth-11638. In the game, this suit unlocks the Spirit Fire ability, which burns all nearby enemies as you attack them.

Spirit Spider.jpg

Electrically Insulated Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #425 - 1997

This suit appeared more than a decade ago in a comic book story arc which sees Spider-Man team up with a member of the X-Men to fight Electro because you need that strong electricity protection to take on a villain of this nature. In the game, this suit allows you to charge up your fists to deliver some shocking punches to the face of criminals for some great crowd control.  

Electric Insulated Suit.jpg

Fear Itself Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Fear Itself #7 - 2011

You need to pack quite a punch to take on Norse gods, which is where this suit originated from in the Fear Itself story arc. Spidey, as well as several other Marvel heroes, got shiny new suits, but unfortunately Odin destroyed Spidey’s Fear Itself Suit before he could really make use of it. In the game, the suit packs one hell of a punch with the Quad Damage ability.

Fear Itself.jpg

Iron Spider Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #529 - 1999

You might recognize this suit (I hope) from the Avengers: Infinity War film, but its origins come from the Civil War story arc in the Amazing Spider-Man comics. I got some nerd chills when I first used the suit’s ability, Iron Arms, in the game, as Spidey sprouts some extra mechanical arms for even greater fighting power.

Iron Spider.jpg

Spider-Armor MK. II Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #656 - 1999

Peter Parker lost his Spidey senses in an epic fight against Alistair Smythe, so Parker did the only thing he could and created a new suit to compensate for his lost abilities. In the game, the suit gives you a Bullet Proof ability which blocks all incoming damage from bullets, something that comes in very handy, trust me.

Spider MKII suit.jpg

Spider-Armor MK. III Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #682 - 1999

This suit is one of my personal favourites in the game as it makes you feel like a web-slinging Iron Man. In the comics, it’s quite a crazy suit created by Peter to take down the Sinister Six, with various abilities tailored for each of the villains in the story arc entitled Ends of the Earth. In the game, this suit gives you the Titanium Alloy Plates ability, which reflects all incoming bullets back to enemies for a short period of time.


Spider-Armor MK. IV Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #1 - 2015

Although most Spider-Armor MK suits were used for a specific purpose, the Spider-Armor MK. IV suit has become more of a regular than the others combined in the comics. This suit was created by Peter after he managed to get his body back from Dr Octopus and it looks fantastic in the game, where you get to use the Defence Shield ability, making you invulnerable for a few seconds.     

MK IV.jpg


Stark Suit

First Appearance: Captain America: Civil War in 2016

As the name suggests, the suit was created by Tony Stark and first appears in the film Captain America: Civil War. It’s quite a cool suit in the game too, as it gives a nice, high-tech nod to Tony Stark with its “Spider-Bro” ability, spawning a drone that however about, distracting and disabling enemies.

Stark Suit.jpg

Stealth ("Big Time") Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #650 - 1999

Peter created this cool suit, also known as the Stealth Suit, to fight Hobgoblin in the “Big Time” story arc. In the game, the suit has green in it, but in the comics, it could turn to multiple other colours as well. The suit gives you the Blur Projector ability, which makes you extremely hard to detect and is a great way to clear out those Stealth challenges.

Stealth Big Time.jpg

Wrestler Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Ultimate Spider-Man #3 – 2001

The Wrestler Suit comes from one of those crazy story arcs where Spider-Man tries to make some green from becoming a professional wrestler. In the game, this suit gives you the King of the Ring ability, where you can basically throw enemies around without having to web them up first.

Wrestler suit.jpg

Velocity Suit

First Appearance: Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4

Just like the Advanced Suit, Insomniac created this beauty specifically for the game in which it made its first appearance. Unlocking this suit gives you the Blitz ability, which does exactly what it sounds like and makes you move even faster than normal, knocking down enemies in your path.

Velocity Suit.jpg

Vintage Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 – 1962

Although we all know the Classic Suit which you saw up first in this article, the Vintage Suit will bring back that nostalgia and it is actually the first Spider-Man suit ever. In the game, it has glorious cel-shading to bring this look to life and it is my absolute favourite suit in the game. It also unlocks the Quips abilities which brings no gameplay impact, but instead, allows you to insult your foes as you take them down. It’s the best way to play Marvel’s Spider-Man in my opinion.


Last Stand Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #500 - 2003

This is one of the final suits you unlock in the game and it is quite the mission to get if you haven’t saved up those crime tokens. In the comic books, this suit comes from an alternate universe as it belongs to the Spider-Man from Earth-312500 in the Happy Birthday story arc. In the game, the suit gives you the Unrelenting Fury ability which makes all your attacks unblockable for a short period of time.

Last Stand Spider Man.jpg

2099 Black Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #365 - 1992

This suit wasn’t worn by Peter Parker, but instead, a character called Miguel O'Hara who traversed time on several occasions. In the game, this suit gives you the “Low Gravity” abilities, which allows you to jump much higher and fall slower, which is great for a variety of challenge missions.

2099 black.jpg

2099 White Suit

Comic Book First Appearance: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 3 #1 - 2015

The 2099 White Suit isn’t a recolour by Insomniac if that’s what you were thinking. This suit appeared in a story arc where the above-mentioned Miguel O’Hara was trapped in present day while Dr Octopus controller Peter Parker’s body. In the game, the suit unlocks the ability called Concussion Strike, allowing you to pack a massive punch and knock enemies around like it’s nothing.

2099 White.jpg

Birthday Suit

First Appearance: Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4

Technically, this is called the “Undies” suit, but I just couldn’t resist. Suits get torn or destroyed and old Spidey has had some bad luck at times. Although this isn’t an official suit, it does show up as a suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man and can be unlocked by those extremely dedicated to cleaning everything up. Not to mention its ability lets you kill and be killed with one punch, sounds oddly familiar, right?


Which Spider-Man suit is your absolute favourite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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